Upcoming Coaching Course offered by the Lawton Soccer Club

All Coaches are invited to attend the USSF National E License Course at the Lawton Soccer Club

September 11-13, Friday 6pm-9pm, Sat/Sun 9am-6pm


The National "E" license is an 18-hour course, which covers the elementary principles of coaching.

The key components of the "E" license course are:

•Develop the core coaching competencies necessary to effectively teach the 9-12 year old athlete and team.
•Understand the characteristics and needs of an athlete in the Basic Stage of U.S. Soccer's Long Term Athlete Development Model.
•Establish a foundation of knowledge and experience in order to proceed through the sequence of coaching development courses.

The specific target outcomes of the course are:
•Understand and effectively apply the principles of Long Term Athlete Development.
•Demonstrate competency in planning an age-appropriate training session.
•Demonstrate the essential competencies to execute a team training session that is focused on a technical function of the game.
•Understand concepts and recognize the principles of attacking and defending in a small-sided game environment (3v3 to 9v9 adaptable to local competition structure).

Fall Soccer Referee Clinics

Here are the upcoming *Updated* Soccer Referee Certifications: 

Here are the upcoming dates for Soccer Referee Certifications: 

August 22 "08 level upgrade" clinic @ 9:00am in the LSC clubhouse.

August 29 "09 level" clinic @ 9:00am in the LSC clubhouse.

September 5 recert

September 12 recert, time to be anounced...

November 21 final recert for 2015/2016 season

*We encourage anyone interested to inquire, we always have open games that need referee's and the pay is not bad for helping kids have fun.

Leave a comment if interested or ask your area cordinator.

Lawton Soccer Club Fall Update

All of us here at the Lawton Soccer Club hope you are enjoying your summer.

We want to make sure you are aware of some important upcoming dates and fee increases:

1 August 2015 (Saturday) is the next fall clean-up day for the soccer club complex.  We will be cleaning up the grounds from 8:00am to noon.  Please bring a pair of work gloves and accept our invitation to get the complex ready for all the upcoming fall soccer matches.

11 August 2015 (Tuesday) is (7:00pm) the Pre-Season Coordinators meeting is up-stairs at the Big Green in the clubhouse.

8 September 2015 (Tuesday) Registration Turn-in up-stairs at the Big Green in the clubhouse.  *Note: no team will be scheduled for play without all sign-up fees turned in.  Travelling teams must show reciepts for the LSC Travelling Team uniform or they will not be signed up for play in the fall season.

19 September 2015 (Saturday) Season starts at The Big Green. 

Times and date changes will be anounced as we get closer to those important dates.  Only the first week's schedule will be anounced and distributed to Coaches at the 15 Sep. 2015 Coaches meeting (7:00pm) at the Great Plains Technology Center, building 300 room 301.

Registration fee's have increased slightly this year due to increased operating costs - they are as follows:

U5 = $37
U6 = $45
U8 - U10 = $55
U12 = $65